Playing the Paintings at Vine Arts Center

September 22, 2019

Music inspired by art.

Genesis, 7-1-19

Ari Munzner


Stephen Hoffer

A Perfect Moment

Kerry Jean Pennings


Shannon Burke

Annabelle's Friends

Kathleen Crook


August 17, 2019

A Weaving of Traditions

April 15, 2016

Bobb Fantauzzo with Javier Santiago (p), Anthony Cox (b) Mac Santiago (d), and Lyz Jaakola (v) performing "River" by Charles Lloyd

Music Without Borders

April 26, 2018

Improvisation -- Bobb Fantauzzo (f), Davu Seru (perc.), Jacqueline Ultan (c), Mankwe Ndosi (v) and Douglas Ewart (didg.)