Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund Concerts

Through the support of radio station KBEM, Jazz88 FM, Fantauzzo has performed several concerts funded by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. Radio programs, created from the recorded concerts, are available here for on-line listening.

Music Without Borders

These concerts contain music that goes beyond the boundaries of established musical genres. It's a music of texture and expression – created in the moment by improvisers listening intently to one another, feeling the music as it evolves and being open to the possibilities.

with Douglas Ewart (wind instruments), Anthony Cox (acoustic bass), Davu Seru (percussion), Mankwe Ndosi (vocals) and students from the FAIR School

with Douglas Ewart (wind instruments), Davu Seru (percussion), Jacqueline Ultan (cello), Mankwe Ndosi (vocals) and students from the Urban Arts Academy

A Weaving of Traditions

These concerts pay tribute to jazz masters of Native American heritage; including Dave Brubeck (Modoc), Don Cherry (Choctaw), Duke Ellington (Cherokee), Thelonius Monk (Tuscarora) and more.

with Jeff Bailey (bass), Javier Santiago (piano) Mac Santiago (drums) and Lyz Jaakola (vocals)

with Anthony Cox (bass), Javier Santiago (piano) Mac Santiago (drums), Lyz Jaakola (vocals) and special guest Irv Williams (saxophone)

with Michael Bruns (guitar), Aaron Kerr (electric cello), Daniel Lange (drums) and and Lyz Jaakola (vocals)