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"'Afro Blue' and 'Footprints' played on dizi and xiao (Chinese flutes)? Add electric cello and drums and you could get New Age woo-woo, but that's not what happens in JazZen. Flutist and leader Bobb Fantauzzo (who also plays Native American flutes, bawu, and spring drum) keeps things jazzy for this collection of covers and originals." - "The top 10 Twin Cities jazz CDs of 2011" (Honorable Mention), Pamela Espeland, BeBopified, December 15, 2011

"a unique sound that is both holy and hip, primal and sophisticated...
the integration of an almost prayerful melodicism suggestive of Charles Lloyd with a more forward-thrusting, free-wheeling improvisational approach that echoes Coltrane, Davis, Shorter, and Coleman.-
"Meditations and Good Vibrations: JazZen's 'Bounce Off the Moon'” , Andrea Canter, Jazz Police, August 19, 2011

"If you're interested in the Miles Davis Quintet (the Shorter/Hancock/Carter/Williams group he recorded with in the middle 60s) you're going to be impressed by the relationship Aaron and Derrin have as a rhythm section and with the range Bobb can achieve with instruments we often [associate with] new age music." - "You Can't Judge a Book by Looking at It's Cover", Dave Hoenack, Hymie's Vintage Records, June 26, 2011

Jazz 88.5 (KBEM) radio interview  On the Corner with Maryann Sullivan, May, 2011

"JazZen has a versatile sound that incorporates everything from modern groove to world jazz.- Russ Davis, MOJA (Modern Jazz) Radio

Evocative "…Fantauzzo's playing of Native American flutes provided the evocative atmosphere for the expressive movement." - Camille LeFevre, Star Tribune (review of Sirocco dance performance)

An Innovator
"Bobb is an innovator on the Native American flute. I only know of two people in the country playing jazz on the Native American flute, Bobb is one of them. He's one of but a handful of people playing their own thing on this instrument around the world." - Peter Phippen, Canyon Records recording artist

Unique blend of Native American and jazz influences
"I didn't know what to expect from this all-instrumental CD (Sirocco); the work of a white jazzman performing on the Native American flute … I really like it. This CD is for fans of Native American music open to some creative blending with African-American influences. It's also for jazz fans curious about the possibilities of blending two unique musical traditions." - Keith Purtell

Spirit meets Jazz -- a journey full of new discoveries "Bobb's soul is at once playful and reflective as his delightful musical thoughts come to us through masterful technique. Jazz, as heard on the Native American flute, takes on new meaning. I've played his CD over and over, and never tire of it." - Sally Heinz

"There is depth to Bobb's music… it elicits a physical response… one is like a sensuous slow dance … [another] gets you snapping your fingers and tapping your feet … it's music that engages your whole body - you can't just listen with your ears!" - Eleanor Alden, Voice of the Wind

Primal sophistication
"Sirocco has a primal sophistication that makes you want to sway and move to the sounds on the ensemble cuts, and on the solo cuts you want sit back close your eyes and just be transported to where the notes will take you." - Wayne Bergerson, KVSC FM (St. Cloud, MN)

Really hip "A great local artist … a wonderful flute player. He infuses a really nice jazzy style … really hip." - Ellen Stanely, KFAI FM (Minneapolis, MN)

Like a horn "That's horny, man. You play that thing [the flute] like a horn." - Ahmed Abdulkarim, Ahmed & the Creators

Another place, another time
"Your music brought me to another place, another time. I happily relaxed listening to your music." - Melissa Wenzel, New Folk Collective

Something new and different
"I am always searching for Native American flute music that stretches me, gives me new insights, or is just plain something new and different. I met Bobb Fantauzzo at the INAFA convention in Belmont. He did a workshop on jazz that I really enjoyed. [His CD] has been in my player for several days now. Great piece of work. I highly recommend it especially if you want to learn and enjoy jazz for the Native American flute." - Dan Ricketts

Taking the NA flute to new places
"I came across your site and had to say I love your music. It's nice to hear people taking the Native American flute to new places." - Chris Otto


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